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November 14, 2023

Harbourline: Unique, Affordable Living in the Heart of St. Paul

Welcome to Harbourline, where uniqueness meets affordability in St. Paul. At Harbourline, we believe that budget-friendly living doesn’t mean compromising on quality or character. Our property is designed to offer an exceptional living experience that’s both economical and distinctive. Explore three features that make Harbourline a standout choice:

Harbourline Apartments rendering of package locker area for residnets

Lobby Lounge Comfort: Welcoming You to Affordable Elegance in St. Paul

The lobby lounge is the first taste of Harbourline’s unique offering. With its sleek design and comfortable seating, it’s a perfect place for residents to relax or meet up with friends. Adjacent to this welcoming area is our secure mail and package room, providing peace of mind for those who love online shopping or travel frequently, knowing their deliveries are safely housed until they return home.

Community Room amenity at Harbourline with a cooking area, table seating, and lounge seating

Community Room Engagement: The Centerpiece of Harbourline’s Affordable Community

The heart of Harbourline is our community room, a space that reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive community. It’s more than just a room; it’s a place where friendships are formed, experiences are shared, and memories are made, all in an affordable, welcoming setting.

Harbourline apartments exterior view of building and parking lot

Outdoor Plaza Entertainment: Merging Affordability with Outdoor Leisure in St. Paul

Our outdoor plaza is a testament to Harbourline’s unique approach to affordable living. Featuring foosball and comfortable seating, this space is a hub of activity and relaxation. It’s designed to provide our residents with an enjoyable outdoor experience, enhancing their lifestyle without stretching their budgets.

At Harbourline, we redefine what affordable living means in St. Paul. We offer a unique blend of cost-effective housing options with distinctive amenities, ensuring that our residents enjoy a rich, fulfilling lifestyle without the high price tag. Discover the unique charm of Harbourline, where affordable living is reimagined. As we continue to build and enhance this unique space, we invite you to join our story. Subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing updates on Harbourline’s construction progress, community features, and events that bring our residents together. Be the first to know about all the exciting developments that make Harbourline an exceptional place to call home.

Harbourline apartments logo

A quiet hideaway between the bluffs and the banks of the Mississippi River, Harbourline offers 66 income-restricted units in the Farwell-on-Water development, located on
St. Paul’s west bank.